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Understanding Family Worship - Terry Johnson

Video from Reformed Forum

Understanding Family Worship - Terry Johnson

"In this episode, Camden Bucey engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Terry Johnson, Senior Minister of Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia and the author of Understanding Family Worship: Its History, Theology, and Practice (Christian Focus). This book provides a timely perspective on family worship. Rev. Johnson reflects on his personal journey, starting with the birth of his first child, which sparked a deep commitment to family worship. Johnson emphasizes the need for consistency and the avoidance of lethargy in practicing family worship. He discusses the challenges and strategies for implementing daily family worship, highlighting the importance of a godly home environment for its effectiveness. The conversation also covers theological arguments supporting family worship, rooted in Reformed doctrine, and practical aspects like singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and the role of catechesis in family life. The episode concludes with encouragement for families to embrace this historic Christian practice, underscoring its foundational role in imparting faith and nurturing spiritual growth within the family unit. 00:07 Introduction 01:24 Introducing the Historic Practice of Family Worship 06:58 The Forgotten Practice of Family Worship 13:10 The Setting of Family Worship: The Godly Home 15:52 The Case for Family Worship 22:37 The Elements of Family Worship 31:57 Overcoming Barriers to Family Worship 35:35 Catechesis 44:33 Other Works on Family Worship 48:23 Conclusion" from the video introduction

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