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We Must "Immerse" Ourselves in Christ...Putting Aside the Distractions of Our World!!

I Am With You Always..

Matthew 28:20

20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

We are fallen and the worst sinners we know!

The world is broken, we will die and the world as we know it one day will end.

These are undeniable facts of our existence.

Our sin is so besetting we have accepted it as normal.

The culture and world in which we live glamorizes, promotes sin and hides it from us.

The Satanic influence of Demons is all around us. God permits them to tempt us into sin from the moment we are born until we die. But we don't need Satan to be the worst of sinners. We are quit capable of plunging into the depths of evil and depravity on our own.

Authentic Christianity is a fight both within and without.

Authentic faith is a relationship with the living Christ. We seek and find the "Paideia" of God.

The Greeks would created paideia—a culture that educates toward a way of being and Christians have adopted it. This is the total immersion of our lives in Christ. Not just Sundays or when you think of it but daily in everything and everyone.

Christians today in America have fallen very far and most live in biblical ignorance and spiritual deprivation. We are lukewarm and negligent. But we are not the first Christians to fall in this way and we wont be the last.

But you and I can turn from our sins, confess or sins and repent. We can dedicate our daily lives to Christ, and serving others. We can talk to him and the Person of the Holy Spirit who indwells us.

Christ walks beside us, he sustains us, he desires our companionship.

Will you flee your sins and distractions and turn to Christ? Tomorrow may be too late!

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