What is Filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2? - Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Bible Nerds

"Bible scholar and teacher Michael Heiser talks about what being filled with the Holy Spirit event in Acts 2 is really about. This event is often known as Pentacost. It was a feast instituted by God in the Old Testament for the people of Israel. It was a feast celebrating the giving of the Law or Torah to Moses to give to Israel on Mount Sinai. It was when God poured out the Holy Spirit on the early church to empower them to preach and be on mission for Jesus. The event occurred in the upper room when the believers gathered there to pray and wait for the promise of the Spirit when tongues of fire fell on them and they started speaking foreign languages. That's when the Apostle Peter stood up and preached his first sermon and marked the start of the church of Jesus Christ. 3,000 Jews heard the message and were baptized in Jerusalem in a single day." from video introduction.


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