What is Manna? Michael Heiser Explains Revelation's Bread of Life

Video from Bible Nerds

"Dr. Michael Heiser explains what manna is in the book of Revelation. The idea of manna is throughout the Bible as the Bread of Life. It starts in the Old Testament when God gave the Israelites manna from heaven every day. They turned it into their daily bread. God dropped manna daily for 6 days but stopped on the Sabbath when they were instructed not to work. Heiser explains that this could refer to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which is a scene depicted in John's Revelation where there is a feast for those who stay faithful Christians, especially during times of persecution. This discussion talks about how this relates to the Christian church in the book of Revelation and the current age. Jesus, the Bread of Life is the true and better manna. Whether it's manna, or the daily bread referred to in the Lord's Prayer, or the Last Supper, bread is a reoccurring theme throughout the Bible." from video introduction.

What Was the Manna?

"The manna (in Hebrew, מן, which is more accurately transliterated as mon) was the miraculous edible substance that fell each day from heaven during the 40-year period between the Exodus and the conquest of Israel, providing our ancestors with sustenance throughout their travels in the desert.

A month after their exodus from Egypt, the Israelites’ food ran out, and on Sunday, the 15th day of the month of Iyar, they turned to Moses and Aaron for food. That night, a flock of poultry miraculously arrived, and the next morning, a special edible substance fell from the sky, which received the name “manna.”1 There is an opinion that although the people asked for sustenance on the 15th of Iyar, they still had a bit of food left, and the manna only began to fall three days later, on the 18th of Iyar (which would later become the day of Lag BaOmer).2." from the article: What Was the Manna?


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