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Where Are We on the Prophetic Timeline? - Mike Golay

"It's been 2000 years since Jesus said that He would soon return. Despite the long gap in time, today many are saying that now is the day of His arrival. Is that true or is it just wishful thinking? In his message, "Where Are We on the Prophetic Timeline?", Pastor Mike Golay asks the question, "Are we really in the end times?" He then puts that question to eight biblical tests. Taking Scripture and comparing it to what we see in modern culture, religion, and geopolitical relationships, Pastor Mike presents facts, not opinion. Finally, using what we've learned, he is able to mark where we likely are on the prophetic timeline - a place nearer than we've ever been to the return of our Lord." from video introduction

Transcript (PDF)

"What an honor to be here with you today! How many of you, just out of curiosity, have been to our Behold Israel Weekly Prayer Meeting on Zoom? I want to see you, keep your hands up. Oh my goodness, it's much more than I thought! These people holding up their hands are responsible for an incident-free speaking tour. You have no idea what happens when we do speaking tours, there are attacks from the devil, there are family issues that come up, there's team unity issues that have come up in the past, or outright people that sabotage or try to sabotage the ministry. So these people have been praying specifically, they've been praying for you, they've prayed for this church by name. They've been praying for each of our staff members here by name. Thank you for that. We are very honored to be here with you today, this is a miracle conference. We didn't know if it was going to work and here we are. A lot of story in the background. I'll share that maybe privately if some of you would ask later. But I was jumping off my airplane just a few days ago, I shot into a taxi, and the guy was from Boston, he was from Boston, Massachusetts. [In a Boston accent,] “Yeah, yeah, how's it going there, you know?” I'm from Minnesota and he said, “Yeah, where are you going?” I'm going to the hotel and he's like, “Yeah, I know where that is,” and he says, “What do you do?” Have you been in one of those situations where.. Transcript PDF (link)

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