Why Our Presence in Church Matters

Updated: Oct 2

Until the pandemic stopped the world, we all lived life on a treadmill. I know I did, and I was burned out from it. Suddenly people said wait a minute there is more to life than work, and money and stuff. Now that is a simplified approach, many people are suffering and have died and continue to suffer. This has not been and his not a vacation.

Looking back in history we find that humans in general looked upon a plague, a pandemic as a message from God. It would and did change the course of nations and history. The pandemic we now experience is doing just that.

God is sovereign and works through ordinary human means, he is sovereign not only in the results but in the ongoing process of history. God raises up kings but also works in revolutions and reformations. God establishes presidents and leads others to oppose them. God does not have a political party and he does not have a preferred sports team. God is sovereign over American politics, but that does not mean he approves of current political leaders, certainly not everything they do.

Church is still a vital part of our world and our culture. Our culture in general has relegated it to the sidelines as a non-essential activity. But God is not mocked by people or cultures.

The church in America has become biblically illiterate and spiritually bankrupt.

The question is are you part of the reason?

If you attend a church full of strife and Luke-warm believers be the one God uses to help change it. If you do not know the Bible then pick it up and read. Make time to pray. Change your life now with the help of Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

That is why our unique self and spiritual gifts make the body of Christ whole and functional. Be assured that God will accomplish his purposes with or with out you as he illustrated in Esther. God will use you if you are ready.

Are you ready?

Your presence in church when possible is vital. Or you can help with community outreach, visits, or communion. Ask your pastor or a church elder how you can help.

Now is the time to serve the Lord and the people around you!


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