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Why was Jesus Run Out of Nazareth? - Drive Thru History

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Why was Jesus run out of Nazareth?

"Nazareth would have looked something like this Nazareth is famous for one thing, and one thing only: it was the home town of Jesus. Here Jesus spent his boyhood living with his mother and father, and here that he faced the skeptical townsfolk of Nazareth.

The village seems to have been held in some contempt in 1st century Palestine – a nondescript dot on the map with not much to offer, overshadowed by nearby Sepphoris, the luxurious Greek-style capital recently built by Herod Antipas. It is beguiling to think that Joseph and Jesus, as builders, may have traipsed daily over to Sepphoris to work on the new city.

But time had passed. There was no mention of Joseph in the gospels at this point; it must be presumed that he had died (life expectancy was low) or was away working as an itinerant craftsman.

Mary may have been a widow; she seems to have been head of the family... from the article: Jesus Rejected in Nazareth

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