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Why We Need Family: Søren Kierkegaard

Updated: Jul 12

Video from Empire of the Mind

Why We Need Family

"Homer’s Odyssey has resonated for thousands of years and has been retold in hundreds of guises. The reason it retains its power is because, in one way or another, each of us is struggling to get home. A home—a place where we feel we belong—is something we fiercely desire. Home is something we NEED. Until we find home, we itch. We feel uneasy, out of place, lost. But what exactly are we looking for? What is a ‘home’? The only solid answer anyone has been able to give (the one which has been given for thousands of years) is that a home is a family: your parents, your spouse, your children. No wonder then that anyone who rejects parents, marriage, or children should feel out of place in the world. The good news is that home is available to everyone who is willing to make a home." from video introduction.


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