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Will Emergent Gravity Rewrite Physics?

Will Emergent Gravity Rewrite Physics
Will Emergent Gravity Rewrite Physics

Will Emergent Gravity Rewrite Physics?

Humans are always trying to understand what God has made.

Gravity, time, and human consciousness remain "a hard problem".

The reality we often fail to acknowledge is that we as humans are cognitively unable to understand much of what God has made and exists around us and in the cosmos.

We try and our curiosity is bound with our creativity in such a way that we create uniquely human things, like technology as an example.

Science has many speculations regarding what exists that we have not yet discovered. Dark Matter is assumed but unseen and unproven.

The Multi-verse is also an assumed but unproven idea.

Gravity as well is becoming a component of creation that far exceeds our comprehensive understanding.

Another interesting theory that has been offered is "emergent gravity".

What can we learn from this concept?

For further reading: What is dark matter?

What is Emergent Gravity, and Will it Rewrite Physics?

"The idea is still new and requires a lot of assumptions in its calculations to make it work. Over the years, experimental results have been mixed.

In 2009, theoretical physicist Erik Verlinde proposed a radical reformulation of gravity. In his theory, gravity is not a fundamental force but rather a manifestation of deeper hidden processes. But in the 15 years since then, there hasn't been much experimental support for the idea. So where do we go next?

Emergence is common throughout physics. The property of temperature, for example, isn't an intrinsic property of gases. Instead, it's the emergent result of countless microscopic collisions. We have the tools to match those microscopic collisions to temperature; indeed, there is an entire branch of physics, known as statistical mechanics, that makes these connections known.

In other areas, the connections between microscopic behaviors and emergent properties aren't so clear. For example, while we understand the simple mechanisms behind superconductivity, we do not know how microscopic interactions lead to the emergence of high-temperature superconductors.

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Verlinde's theory is based on what Stephen Hawking and Jacob Bekenstein observed in the 1970s: Many properties of black holes can be expressed in terms of the laws of thermodynamics. However, the laws of thermodynamics are themselves emergent from microscopic processes. To Verlinde, this was more than a mere coincidence and indicated that what we perceive as gravity may be emerging from some deeper physical process..." from the article: What is Emergent Gravity, and Will it Rewrite Physics?

"What is “emergence” in physics and why is it a big deal? What would it mean for gravity to be emergent? How would we have to rewrite the laws of physics? I discuss these questions and more in today’s Ask a Spaceman!' from the video introduction

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