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Yom Kippur: Why We Celebrate - TBN Israel

Video from TBN Israel

"A TBN Israel short production retelling the tradition of the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Scapegoat. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®. Narrated by Arye Bar David Produced by Mati Shoshani Directed by Ville Nuoraho WATCH the full episode for free:" from video introduction

What Is Yom Kippur?

Yom Kippur In Brief

What: Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year, when we are closest to G‑d and to the essence of our souls. Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement,” as the verse states, “For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your sins before G‑d.”1

When: The 10th day of Tishrei (in 2022, from several minutes before sunset on Tuesday, October 4, until after nightfall on Wednesday, October 5), coming on the heels of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year, which is on the first and second days of Tishrei).

How: For nearly 26 hours we “afflict our souls”: we abstain from food and drink, do not wash or apply lotions or creams, do not wear leather footwear, and abstain from marital relations. Instead, we spend the day in synagogue, praying for forgiveness.." from the article: What Is Yom Kippur?

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