Grounded in Realness - The Art of Slowing Down

Video from Green Renaissance

"All too often life can feel like a competition to see who is the busiest. Our lives are filled with rushing, stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Being overworked has become a marker of success, and it’s difficult to resist getting caught up in the wave. We're less in tune with our bodies and minds and there's little time left over to simply 'be'. We don’t need to live life at breakneck speed. There is so much joy and wonder surrounding us in our daily lives - we just need to stop and take time to notice it. And it’s then that we realize that beauty truly is everywhere. Filmed in Swellendam, South Africa. Featuring Beneke de Wet." from video introduction.

For many of us slowing down came with the pandemic and surprisingly it was welcomed. With busyness the badge of honor it is in our culture the reality that we can slow down in life and the world not end was a revelation to many. But there have always been those that understood that constant busyness was not natural nor what God intended.

In this excellent video we see someone who has not given in to the desire to be busy like many of us have.

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