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On Systematic Philosophical Theology - Talbot School of Theology

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"Dr. Craig gives a virtual lecture in which he summarizes some of his recent work in writing his systematic philosophical theology." from video introduction.

"KEVIN HARRIS: Bill, it is kind of like a sporting event. There are people all over the nation and all over the world who are keeping up with your writing of your systematic philosophical theology. They want to know how it is progressing – what the score is. What page you are on. Where you are in the process. I want to begin like this. Lay people – we hear of scholars who write their systematic theology. What does this mean when you write it all out?

DR. CRAIG: Well, it sounds terribly self-important – doesn't it? – and presumptuous to say my systematic philosophical theology, but all that means is that each individual scholar has particular theological persuasions that are probably shared by nobody else given the whole body of systematic theology and so it gives a chance to the individual theologian to lay out his perspectives on these great questions like the nature of faith, the existence and attributes of God, the incarnation and person of Christ, salvation, sin, and other subjects. I'm attempting in this systematic philosophical theology to summarize my life's work on these various topics in one comprehensive treatment..." from the article: Update on Writing Systematic Philosophical Theology

July 12, 2021


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