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5 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Should Learn How to Answer

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Video from Alisa Childers

Are you ready to make a defense for the Christian worldview? This video will help you get started! Resources mentioned in the video: Dr. Daniel Wallace Textual Criticism Class: Dr. Gary Habermas and the Evidence for the Resurrection: Dr. Peter Williams on Slavery in the Bible: Real Historian Responds to "Jesus Was a Myth" Claims: Undeniable Historical Evidence for the Existence of Jesus: Books mentioned: Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus: The Resurrection of the Son of God: God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?: Is God a Moral Monster?: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist: To order Alisa’s book, “Another Gospel”:

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