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A Woke Culture is Becoming a Woe Generation - FivestarMan

Video from Fivestarman

"Men who fear God face life fearlessly. Do you know that the foundation of all wisdom is actually the fear of the lord. The fear of the lord is a biblical phrase that means that you recognize the supremacy and the awesomeness of God. It is reverence with a sense of awe, it also means that you know that you will be held to account for yourself. In other words consequential decisions and judgment are before you and knowing that you will stand before the almighty. When men do not fear God they give themselves to evil, they transgress God's laws without hesitation. They begin as anarchist usurping authority and accepting the spirit of an antichrist which is the spirit of lawlessness.

There is a generation rising that curses their fathers and speak evil of their mothers. There is a generation rising that considers themselves to be pure in their own eyes judging all previous generations as ignorant and dull-witted, yet they are morally filthy unwashed and unclean.

There is a generation rising that is so filled with arrogance they think they are superior and look with disdain to anyone who disagrees with them. There is a generation rising that uses the words like swords to cut and slash those who are different they simply want to cancel you out. They devour the poor, they dismiss the needy and they mock the afflicted.

Recently this generation has claimed to be woke.

Woke originated actually in the mid 19th century with Abraham Lincoln and his republican party when they started a movement called the "wide awake movement." The goal was to awaken the conscious and the morality of human decency to oppose slavery.

Now Woke is the New Morality of Tolerance for Evil and Violence for anyone who believes in traditional values, Constitutional liberties and have a deep antipathy for the Christian faith.

The woke culture is about to be a woe generation.

One of the last signs for the end of the age is a generation that is obstinate against the Lord, and I believe we're in that time." Neil Kennedy

Website: Fivestarman


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