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All Our Broken Pastors

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

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There is none righteous

There has been a lot of spiritual gotchas lately!

Over the past couple of years as our society and associated institutions including the church have come untethered the righteous among us has started shooting down prominent pastors etc. Now there has never been a shortage of men of the cloth that are sinners, and good sinners at that!

The problem we should see with all of this is those that are critiquing and shooting arrows at others are equally sinners and are equally due for a fall from grace. There is no moral high ground on social media. To be fair there are many Christians on social media and in the culture in general who are doing the Lords work.

Yet theses attacks on John Piper, Tim Keller to name but a few are presumptuous at best and self-righteous to say the least. No one speaks with authority. Only Christ speaks with truth and authority. These men are sinners and they make mistakes.

As we spend our time criticizing and canceling those who we think teach heresy or false doctrines our culture rots, men and women are awash in pornography and adultery,(no one is trying to shut down the porn industry with the effort they put into attacking each other), people need food, they need clothing, they need encouragement.

Not to say that all of these super theologians are not doing theses things but it just seems unlikely.

You and I will only be able to change theses things if we are practicing, authentic, humble and desperately followers of Christ! If you are a shallow part time Christian there is little you will accomplish in our culture except to become just one more shouting voice.

Reflect on what you are thinking and doing.

Do you need to repent and go deep in your relationship with Christ!

Someday we will answer for what we are thinking and doing right now!

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