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An Afternoon at the Baths of Caracalla

Video from toldinstone

"The Baths of Caracalla are the best-preserved of Rome's great imperial bath complexes. This video explores their remains, and discusses the shape of a Roman visit to the baths." from video introduction.

"Baths of Caracalla, Italian Terme di Caracalla, ancient (Latin) Thermae Antoninianae (“Antonine Baths”), public baths in ancient Rome begun by the emperor Septimius Severus in AD 206 and completed by his son the emperor Caracalla in 216. Among Rome’s most beautiful and luxurious baths, designed to accommodate about 1,600 bathers, the Baths of Caracalla continued in use until the 6th century. The extant ruins, together with modern excavations and restorations (including conspicuous reconstructions), are the most extensive of any surviving Roman bathing establishments and consist centrally of a block of large vaulted bath chambers covering an area of 750 by 380 feet (230 by 115 metres), with courts and auxiliary rooms, surrounded by a garden with space used for exercise and games..." from the article: Baths of Caracalla

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