Video from Father Spyridon

Father Spyridon addresses our avarice!

Avarice - extreme greed for wealth

This article is dated but address our problems well...

"...Our Libertarian friends will extol the virtues of selfishness and looking out for yourself, Yet, I would suggest that America is in the throes of national and cultural decline because of a cultural of selfishness and self-centeredness.

This is not to say that all the emphasis our society places on the individual is bad. I'm grateful that we don't live in a country where the individual is stamped on by an almighty government.

Why is that we are unable to reform our nation's entitlements? Selfish seniors or near seniors are manipulated into believing that any reforms will affect them and so are willing to allow future generations to suffer horrifically in order to protect their existing benefits because "we worked for them."

We have entitlements grown out of proportion because many families would rather have the government take care of their aging relatives rather than them. This is also why we have so much for government-funded school lunches and school breakfasts. There are many parents who can't, but there are many who just don't. The same pursuit of selfish desires explains the over-sized burdens of foster care and correctional facilities with men from broken homes.

Why is that younger people came out to vote for Obama despite the fact that he was wrecking their futures and had left them with record unemployment? Because President Obama allowed them to remain as "children" on their parents health insurance until they were twenty-six years..." from the article: The American crisis: it's not just a political problem, it's a spiritual problem

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