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Church History Full Series: 1st - 5th Century (Theology Academy)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Video from Theology Academy

Church History Full Series: 1st - 5th Century (Theology Academy)

"At Theology Academy, we strive to teach the tenets of Christian faith in an academic and disciplined manner to reveal the light of truth. Our goal is to Illuminate the human soul to realize its spiritual potential through the engagement of the disciplines. Our content is presented in the form of video tutorials on YouTube catered to stimulate the curious mindset of those in the twenty-first century." from You Tube Channel

"What is Theology Academy?

Theology Academy is not a real academy or institution, but it is a platform that promotes theological education! The 'academic' method is used to spread the word of truth amidst a highly dynamic planet. We developed an international team of animators, researchers, and artists who create stimulating and educational videos that informs the public about faith and religion.

We engage the disciplines in theology to show how the Word and Truth connect everything in this universe. We endorse and sponsor those who are interested in pursuing theological studies at accredited institutions. Studying theology will help you realize your significance as a basic member in the makeup of this universe!" from the website:

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