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Cinema as Sermons - The Book of Eli

Video from Kato

A survivalist, Eli (Denzel Washington) fights his way through the wasteland that now covers a desolate post-apocalyptic America. Eli finds what could be the last remaining Bible and hears a voice calling him to take it west, so Eli does whatever is necessary to protect the book. His journey is stopped by a war lord man named Carnegie (Gary Oldman). Carnegie is determined to use the book for power and control. To get the book Carnegie wages an all-out war against Eli.

The script is excellent as Screenwriter Gary Whitta develops this Christian hero well as he undertakes this incredible journey to protect God’s Word. In a lesson to all of us, Eli realizes along the way that he’s been focusing too much on keeping the book safe, by living like the world and that he has failed to live by it.

The Book of Eli is rated R, namely because of an excess of violence and language. The Hughes brothers didn’t hold back on the violence. Good and evil are portrayed with clarity. Women are mistreated by ruthless gangs, there is hand-to-hand combat and weapons fighting are throughout the film as Eli defends himself, killing the evilest of men (after one fight, Eli kneels, as if praying).

The Book of Eli shows us many things and we see immediately that mankind is capable of the worst evil as our hearts are wicked and depraved. Even Christians are capable of such atrocities. It also shows how Gods plan and his Holy Word will not be thwarted.

Job 42:2 “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

How ironic that in our day when there are more bibles than ever before in more forms than ever before we are still ignorant of what is in it and how God’s word can lead to eternal life.

Enjoy the movie!

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