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Dead Sea Scrolls - The War Scroll - Apocalyptic War Against Belial and the Sons of Darkness

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Video from Esoterica

"The War Between Good and Evil has become a fundamental aspect of Apocalypticism - from the visions of the End in the New Testament Book of Revelation to contemporary Pop Culture Marvel Movies. This titanic, cosmic struggle reaches back to the turn of the Common Era and finds its most early mature expression in the War Literature found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here we find a description of the final battle between the forces of light led by the angel Michael and those of darkness led by the demonic general Belial. In this episode we turn to the famed War Scroll with its ceremonial weapons, quasi-Roman cosmic warfare and the gateway to the final Messianic Era. Recommended Readings: Vermes - The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English - 978-0141197319 Duhaime - The War Texts: 1 QM and Related Manuscripts - 978-0567084170 Schultz - Conquering the World - 978-9004168206" from video introduction.

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