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Defending the Divine Council - Mysteries Revealed - Mackie/Heiser

Video from Ring Them Bells

Defending the Divine Council - Mysteries Revealed

"Who Is the Divine Council? Why haven't most modern western pastors heard of this? Is it Biblical? Doesn't Jesus quote Psalm 82 and refer to Humans not the Divine Council? All of these questions and more are answered in this eye opening defense of "The Divine Council Worldview" that I first discover from Dr Mike Heiser @DRMSH and Tim Mackie of the @bibleproject . This channel is designed to help bring scholarly content out into the church. The supernatural has been whitewashed from most churches.. NOT ALL.. but most. This channel is also designed to help fix this error. It is my prayer that this video helps give those interested a better defense of the Divine Council and it's theme throughout scripture." from video introduction

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