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Does Each Person Choose Their Own Destiny? - J.I. Packer

Video from 100Huntley

If you have not read the late J.L Packer's book Knowing God add that to your list of books to read!

From J.L. Packers book Knowing God (link)

  1. I am a child of God.

  2. God is my Father.

  3. Heaven is my home.

  4. Every day is one day nearer.

  5. My Savior is my brother.

  6. Every Christian is my brother too.

Video from Desiring God

Dr. J.I. Packer recently passed into glory. It was about a year ago that we began to get updates indicating that his race on earth was nearing its end.

I had a short list of topics I wanted to talk with him about over the telephone, and he very kindly agreed to a series of three telephone calls to answer various questions I had about the Puritans, and specifically his thoughts on Puritan theologian Thomas Goodwin. These were not formal interviews, just informal chats. However, I knew the end of the third call would be my final time speaking with him. I wanted to voice my gratitude to God for his life and ministry.

Although Dr. Packer’s formal ministry had ended and he would no longer preach or teach or write books or articles, he wanted Pastor John to know that the shared convictions he had with us, the convictions that drove his public ministry — convictions about Christ and imputation and personal holiness and the nature of Scripture — those were all convictions he was still clinging to privately. I love that. Friends close to him in his final weeks and days and hours on this earth confirmed the very same. Until the end, Dr. Packer talked about the preciousness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And those shared convictions bring us back to an earlier date five years ago. It was April of 2015. Pastor John traveled to Vancouver to interview Dr. Packer about life, doctrine, and ministry. What resulted from their time together is a 72-minute conversation. This interview has never been released until now. Here it is.

Link to complete audio manuscript: John Piper Interviews J.L Packer

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