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Don't Define Gender Apart from the Bible

Video from Crossway

Author Christopher Ash stated in his book Marriage: Sex in the Service of God, “Western societies are witnessing sexual relationships characterized by . . . lower levels of public commitment than before, which are proving more transient than previously, with fewer children, and in which a succession of public sexual partners is increasingly common.”

Along with declining biblical literacy comes the corresponding decline of the Bible’s cultural influence on sexual morality. There once was a broad cultural consensus about gender norms and sexual morality but that has been lost and forgotten.

Gender confusion is being normalized as people become more desynthesized to sexual sins and pornography. If we but look back into history we can see how civilizations rose and fell amongst these types pf cultural and personal sins. Love the sinner and hate the sin, Christ lived this out. Yet we must recognize that the sinners, which would be all of us seldom saw their thinking and behavior as a sin but a choice.

As much as we may deny God and his creation it does not change the reality and truth of it. God will not be mocked nor will his plans be thwarted.

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