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Faith Is a Heart and Mind Matter: C.S. Lewis’s Discipleship - Jerry Root

"Dr. Jerry Root in his quintessential approach engages the audience with humor, erudition and wonderful stories that integrate both heart and mind in considering Jesus’ call to C.S. Lewis and to all of us who are disciples of Christ. The integration of our heart and mind is shown to be essential for authentic, transforming faith." from video introduction.

"Dr. Jerry Root is professor emeritus at Wheaton College, as well as a visiting professor at Biola University, Talbot Graduate School of Theology, and Moody Bible Institute teaching C. S. Lewis courses at all three schools. For over forty-one years, Dr. Root has lectured on C.S. Lewis topics at 78 universities in 18 countries. He is the author of numerous C.S. Lewis focused books, articles and publications. He is married to Claudia Root and together they have four married children and 15 grandchildren." from his website:

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