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Find Your Encouragement in Christ, Meet the Person Who Pursues You!

The Closer We Walk with God the Clearer We See His Guidance

We forget that our Lord is a flesh and blood person. We cant see him right now so we just ignore him. Our imaginations are weak as is often our faith.

This morning when you get up have you made room in your mind, soul and spirit for Christ and for The Person of the Holy Spirit? I know if we are busy parents or under great stress or suffering it leaves our mind. Been there!

Never the less Christ sees you, he hears you. Your Human Spirit, opened to Christ at your rebirth is the Candle of the Soul through which HE and The Holy Spirit see every square inch of our heart and soul. Therefore Christ knows you and things about you you don't know.

This relationship requires us to confess our known sins (1 John 1:9) in prayer before we can talk with our Holy Lord. To do this we must earnestly pray and confess and repent.

Our distracted life is never our excuse.

We must be intentional, we must put aside what distracts us, we must humble ourselves before our Lord and pray.

Time is short and our lives are a vapor, we may die today or tomorrow.

Therefore do not waste the gift of time you have been given.

Forgive those who have wronged you, apologize to those you have wronged or sinned against. Get busy helping those in need. Do it quietly.

Disciple those whom you can.

Honor God in all things for every moment is Holy!

Your Lord is walking next to you, take time to know him.

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