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German Soldier Remembers WW2

Updated: Apr 3

Video from Memoirs of WWII

German Soldier Remembers WW2

"Growing up in Germany in the 1930s, Gert Schmitz was drafted into the Hitler Youth, witnessed the start of World War II, and joined the Luftwaffe by the time he was 17 years old. But his dreams of flight would be crushed when he was sent to the Western Front to fight the advancing Allied Forces with a disoriented and dwindling German Army.' video introduction.

Holocaust Survivor Remembers: 'All ­Nazis weren't bad'

"George Kalman was only 9 years old when his family got the order to leave their Hungarian village on a rail car in 1944.

On that hot summer day more than 70 years ago, ­Kalman was among 81 Jews squeezed into a cattle car with nowhere to sit, no bathroom, no water, and no food. The worst part, he said, was the lack of air.

"We were suffocating, because there were only tiny windows in there," Kalman said.

Kalman, 80, his mother and grandfather were later transported to a farming and slave labor camp in Austria, which the Soviet army liberated 10 months later.." from the article: Holocaust Survivor Remembers: 'All ­Nazis weren't bad'

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