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God's Gift of Creativity: Why We Should Draw More (and Photograph Less)

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Video from The School of Life

Why We Should Draw More (and Photograph Less)

"Our cameras make it so easy to feel we've captured what's important in the world. But to really appreciate what's around us, we might need to learn a weirder, less technologically-advanced skill: drawing." from video introduction.

We are made in the image of God. Therefore a call to creativity is placed on our lives because we bear the creative characteristics of God. We are designed to use our God-given creativity to cultivate the potential of all of creation around us. God created the world out of nothing, and we are called to create something out of that which God made. God is the creator, and we are sub-creators (or co-regents) the term used by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Your creativity in whatever area of life it may be which includes everything form being a mother to carpentry to of course the fine arts. So don't neglect it, glorify God with it!

As an artist myself, having been an Art Teacher in Public schools and from an early age I am encouraging you to draw.


Drawing helps you think creatively about work, home or business. The ability to think creatively and come up with original ideas and solutions to problems is one of the most important abilities you can possess!

As we are all uniquely different in how we think and do things the creative and emotional approach vs. the more analytical approach is an important part of our creative experience in the world. Drawing helps us to articulate our ability.

The analytical, logical and pragmatic aspects of thinking is what is mostly used in the modern world. In order to actually create something new and innovative or just different it is necessary to also develop our creative abilities.

So when you are drawing you will use both the logical and the emotional parts of your brain, because you will think in terms of proportions, shapes, measurements etc.(even if you’re not aware of it) while you’ll also be thinking about aesthetics, composure, colors and perhaps even conveying emotions through your drawings. This combination of analytical and emotional thinking is not found in very many other activities, and the combination of so many different thought processes going on simultaneously makes drawing a very unique way of using your brain.

So pick up a pencil or pen and doodle!

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