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God's Gift of Music: Basia

Updated: May 31, 2023


If you were around in the 1980's you remember the singer "Basia". Her beautiful voice is unique and she continues to sing in concerts and other venues today.!

Basia Biography

"Basha Trzetrzelewska, 30 September 1959, Jaworzno, Galica, Poland. At the age of 15 Trzetrzelewska won a talent contest, but was guided by her family into a medical career. Three years later she joined an all-girl group, Alibabki, and toured Russia. After two years she quit and broke through the Iron Curtain to spend time in America in a rock-orientated outfit, Perfect, performing cover versions in a Chicago club. After relocating to London in 1981 and scanning the music press, Trzetrzelewska replied to an advertisement and subsequently joined Daniel White in Bronze. That band evolved into Matt Bianco, a British breakaway outfit from Blue Rondo A La Turk.

After two years of success with Matt Bianco, Trzetrzelewska broke away in 1987 to launch a solo career as Basia. With help from her long-time musical partner, White, she released her debut album to much acclaim. Sales were particularly good in Europe and the USA, where ‘Time And Tide’ was a Top 30 hit and the album sold over a million copies. However, although she received much airplay in the UK, none of her releases found commercial success. In the USA it was quite different - her second album, 1990’s London Warsaw New York, sold over 500, 000 copies in two weeks and included another US Top 30 hit, ‘Cruising For Bruising’. By the time of 1994’s The Sweetest Illusion, however, she was struggling to retain an audience no longer interested in her pseudo-jazz style. Following the release of a live album and a greatest hits compilation the singer largely disappeared from the public eye. She reunited with her former colleagues in Matt Bianco to record 2004’s studio album, Matt’s Mood." from the article: Basia Biography

Basia - Promises (1988)

Video from ronderw

Basia, Time and Tide

Video from BasiaFan90

"I found this video an old archive. I haven't seen it on youtube, so here it is. Just wanted to share a time when MTV played videos." from video introduction

Basia Time and Tide 2018

Video from SoCalLiveitLive

"The Canyon @ The Rose 10-24-18 Pasadena, CA" from video introduction

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