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God’s Judgment Against America - A Land of Perversion?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

God’s Judgment Against America - 'It's Going to Get Even Uglier'

Video from A&Ω Productions

"Pastor Carter Conlon, speaks out of Isaiah 1 on how we, like the people of Israel, can so easily forsake God and His will." from video introduction.

We have become a nation of perversion.

In addition to pornography or nation is rampant with perversions of all kinds in all areas of life.

To be sure there are still many devout Christians that pray and maintain a relationship with their Lord. It is through this remnant that God mercifully stays is hand.

Isaiah 1:4

4 Woe to the sinful nation,

a people whose guilt is great,

a brood of evildoers,

children given to corruption!

They have forsaken the Lord;

they have spurned the Holy One of Israel

and turned their backs on him.

5 Why should you be beaten anymore?

Why do you persist in rebellion?

Your whole head is injured,

your whole heart afflicted.

6 From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no soundness— only wounds and welts and open sores, not cleansed or bandaged or soothed with olive oil.

7 Your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire; your fields are being stripped by foreigners right before you,

laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.

8 Daughter Zion is left

like a shelter in a vineyard,

like a hut in a cucumber field,

like a city under siege.

9 Unless the Lord Almighty

had left us some survivors,

we would have become like Sodom,

we would have been like Gomorrah.

Carter Conlon points out that like ancient Israel God cannot get our attention. He strikes us with plagues and severe weather, and on and on yet we just continue to rebel. America has lost it's purpose yet there are still a few righteous people. There can be no doubt that America is under judgement.

Christians no longer permeate the society are huddled together (verse 8 & 9).

Conlon points out that when we walk in right relationship with God there is far more going on that we cant see that keeps God from totally destroying our nation. Living a righteous life pushes back against the evil in the world.

Confusion is everywhere in government, society and in the people around us. All aspects of our culture are confused.

The economy is getting worse and food shortages may become a normal thing in America.


Now is the time to get right with God!!

Seeing the Judgements of Deuteronomy 28 in America

Read the entire scriptures of Deuteronomy 28.

In it you will find all of the judgements that are now being poured out on America.

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