“God’s Will is of No Concern to this Congress.” - WRETCHED RADIO

Video from Wretched Radio

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) received stark criticism following Thursday's meeting over the Equality Act where Nadler proceeded to tell another congressman that "God's will is no concern of this Congress."

Rep. Greg Steube replied: "You can reject God and not believe in God and you have that choice," Steube declared. "But to say that religion - which is not religion, it's just biblical truth - to say that religion has no place in this Congress when our country was founded on Judeo-Christianity...I certainly completely disagree with that."

We have become a Godless nation and this statement from the top of our government illustrates how far we have fallen. We are in rebellion and ruin will follow. As Christians we must be prepared for the persecution and adversity to come.

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