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"As we turn to Romans, think of this: Christ’s death on the Cross is the heart of our salvation. His substitutionary death paid the penalty of our sin, removed the record of our transgressions, and purchased our eternal salvation. Christ’s life now lived in and for us opens to us His sanctifying power to save us from sin’s destructive power, and keep us useful for his glory. As Savior and Lord of His Church, Jesus Christ went to visit one of His local churches in the city of Laodicea. He went looking to see if they were living out what He had died to make possible for them. The sad news is that He found them neglecting what He bought them to be, and their lifestyles sickened Him. Jesus wanted them to live a life that was always over-shadowed by His work on the Cross. That lifestyle is what still pleases Christ, and any lack of that crucified lifestyle strongly displeases Him. Today, we need to do a study on our way to Laodicea. I call it: finding the first command, or imperative from Christ to each of us in Christ, from the MOST important book of the Bible. The First Command in The Book of Romans For many of us, we have a favorite verse, chapter, and even book; and we most prefer the NT over the OT. But, what is the most important book of the Bible? Most theologians would say it is the book of ____ (Romans), right. The book of Romans is usually seen as the key to fully understanding the Gospel of Christ, His salvation, and our security in Him. So open with me to Romans this morning and starting at chapter one, turn the pages until we get to chapter 6 where we will read a very powerful passage. The Book of Romans defines the heart of the Gospel. This is the content of what Christ Jesus had delivered and taught to all the true, Bible-believing churches of the First Century. If they were a part of Christ’s Body, this is the truth they knew because they heard it taught or read if for themselves." from video introduction.

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