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GOD WANTS YOU TO LEARN HOW TO WAIT--The Secret to Ending The Hurry In My Life

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Video from DTBM

"Waiting on God is a massive theme in God's Word. A personal Sabbath is a time of planned, focused waiting upon God. But often that time gets stolen from our plans! The Holy Spirit chose eight different Hebrew words to paint the picture of the God who seeks us to come silently before Him and to listen to Him through His Word. A personal Sabbath feeds our patience, strengthens our obedience, focuses our spirit, and renews our strength as Isaiah said "like an eagle" we soar to the heights of God's presence. The truth is that waiting on God has been the foundation for spiritual growth for the past five thousand years. Yet over the last thirty years, our generation has been robbed of this important truth. And it is now to the point that many don’t even see what has been lost. Are you wiped out, tired, fatigued, exhausted, and locked in to hurrying to and fro with no rest in sight? Then “waiting upon the Lord” may be the answer to our loss of a personal resting in the Lord. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31 (KJV). One noted pastor wrote, “I found myself hurrying God, I just kind of fit Him in wherever He needed to be fit in. And one day God's Word showed me God was not going to fit around my schedule. I had to fit my schedule around His. That changed my whole life.” The truth is, if we will not recover the discipline of waiting, God is under no moral obligation to speed up His timetable to accommodate our urgency. We will find Him in all His peace, refreshment, and sweetness when we seek Him with all our heart (Deut. 4:29) and “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Psalm 37:7 (KJV). Let's see the offer God makes as we turn together this morning to the last verse of Isaiah 40, and listen to the offer God has made for you and me." from vidoe introduction.

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