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Godly Wisdom and the Foolish Wisdom of Our Day

James 3:17

We all want wisdom.

Right now the world (and our nation) seems to be in great turmoil. People seemingly have turned away from God for his wisdom to other idols, to politicians (right and left etc.) and social media, media/internet in general. Cheap and quick sources of information. We in our sin and self-absorption look for answers that fit our confirmation bias even when those are opposed to what our Lord teaches.

People claiming to be Christians go on rants about people groups, politics, vaccines etc. We are quick to label in a negative way and discount the individual without any effort to understand or learn something. What after all is their source of information? Are they operating only on emotion?

It is so common now for people to react and NOT fact check anything, or this is more important, going to God in prayer, reading his Holy Word. Wisdom , especially Godly wisdom had never been found apart from relationship with our Lord.

So right now there is a flood of prayers for the Christians in Afghanistan on the internet. This is what we should be doing yet we are yet again forgetting that all people are God's children. Therefore we pray for the Christians, the Muslims, The Taliban, all people!

James 3:17 17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

Wisdom from heaven is pure, we can trust it. Even if that wisdom requires us to only pray. We have a very bad habit of treating prayer as a last resort when it should be our first. You see the people on that TV screen are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters loved by Christ even if they do not know them. The worldly and selfish outcry we hear from politicians and other to keep people out that need help are speaking the language of our sin and the Satanic lord of our nation.

What can we do besides wring our hands and complain? As Christian's we must without fail go to our Lord and pray our distress and concern each and everyday!!

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