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Headed to Heaven or Hell? The Wide Road of Religion vs. The Narrow Road of Salvation

Video from DTBM

"In Matthew 7:13-29 Jesus explains each of our lives is like one or the other of these contrasts: two roads, two trees, two relationships, and two destinies… Wide Road & Gate of Religion Narrow Road & Gate of Salvation My Destination is Death My Destination is Life Surrounded by Many Surrounded by Few I trust in my Human Achievement I rest in Divine Accomplishment Salvation is By Works Salvation is By Grace through Faith Part of All Religions Only by God’s Revelation I was Born following this old way I must be Born again to follow this new way Must Do nothing to Get Here Must Believe & Repent to Get Here I must Pay in Full for My Sins My Sins Are Paid in Full by Christ "Do nothing, go with the flow, end up thrown into the Lake of Fire" "Listen to God's Word, believe and call on the Name of the Lord, repent and by faith get forever forgiven and secure" from video introduction.

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