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How Books Can Open Your Mind - Lisa Bu

Video from TED

Reading is very important for our development as a person and as a Christian. We live a an age that has been blessed by all that has come before us in human history and the history of the church. We in America live in a culture where there is an overabundance of things to read.

Reading is the process through written language, we come to understand another person's ideas and worldview. This is no doubt the most efficient way to increase what we know about reality and about how to live better in this world. It is not possible to start from scratch or to learn only by talking to living wise men. But that also would limit one's knowledge and be inefficient. Therefore learning to read is important, as the wisdom of the wisest thinkers of all ages becomes accessible to anyone through written language.

So if you don't read start a new habit, you will be glad you did!

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