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How do you handle the EVIL done by CHRISTIANITY?

Video from Deflate

"People sometimes complain about the evil that has been committed in the name of Christianity, citing religious wars, the Crusades, abuse in religious institutions, corruption, and other misfirings. It's for this reason that the late Christopher Hitchens opined that "religion poisons everything," while Sam Harris and other atheists have expressed similar sentiments. However, when you actually look at history, things look far more complex than that. First, there's quite a bit of human suffering which has ensued from atheist ideology. The campaigns of Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao Tse Tung in China are only two cases in point. Second, even though a lot of evil has been committed in the name of atheism, it's pretty hard to actually judge these things as evil on the assumption that atheism is true. Richard Dawkins tells us that there is no good and bad in the universe, but "only blind, pitiless indifference." But things look different if we assume Christian theism to be true. If God has imposed a moral order of objective rights and wrongs on the universe, whatever evil has been committed, be it by the church or an atheist regime, can be called out as such. In other words, while the church can be held accountable against the moral standard of Christianity, such a standard doesn't even exist in atheism. That's why a range of atheist philosophers such as Richard Rorty, Jurgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida admit that the notion of the inherent dignity of every human being, as endorsed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is a fundamentally Judeo-Christian concept, rooted in the Bible. Watch and enjoy a video about an important topic in apologetics which is often brought up in debates between skeptics and Christians." from video introduction

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