How Does the WRATH of God Actually Show His LOVE?

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“You are loved.” But what does that even mean? Today’s society tells us love is not only an unconditional emotion but an unconditional acceptance of all behaviors. According to them, pointing out behavior that is wrong, isn’t loving. However, Biblically, that is not true. Truth is kindness and truth is loving. Pointing out harmful or dangerous choices in love. It is loving to tell people that the only way to escape hell is to trust Jesus as their Savior. It might be hard, but it is loving because it is true. God’s wrath reflects His love. It is what makes Him just and allows for us to be saved from His wrath. Check out Melissa Dougherty’s explanation that God’s wrath only confirms His love for all of us. To learn more about Melissa Dougherty go to:" from video introduction.

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