How To Read Critically and Engage More With Books

Video from The Book Leo

"This is my guide to critical reading! How do you read more critically, how can you engage more with the stories you read? How do you articulate your opinions on literature in a book review? Whether you like reading fiction or non-fiction, we can learn a lot from books and I hope this video helps you learn how to read deeper (for personal development or just for fun!)" from video introduction.

“Reading is the process by which, through the means of written language, we come to understand another person's ideas. This is probably the most efficient way to increase what we know about reality and about how to live better. One could try to start from scratch and thus learn without anyone's insight what the world is like and what one ought to do, but that would not be very efficient. Or one could try to learn only by talking to living wise men. But that too would limit one's knowledge and be inefficient. Therefore almost everybody agrees that learning to read is important so that the wisdom of the wisest thinkers of all ages can be accessible through written language.” John Newton

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