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In Remembrance of Robert Dole

Video from CBSN

I grew up in the 1960's thru the 1970's and it was men like Bob Dole that I watched and admired. He was not only a veteran, a survivor of war but an honorable man. Today we are losing are losing what few honorable men and women we have in government service, replaced by those with little to no values, scruples, or honor. Criminal behavior is now lauded in our government.

Bob Dole was a gift to our nation! Pray that some other men/women of honor , virtue and values will rise up in God's graces to help our nation.

"Robert Joseph Dole, longtime senator from Kansas, passed away on Dec. 5 at the age of 98. The world had long ago moved on, but even as recently as last year, reporters would occasionally ask him to opine on the news of the day. I suppose he was to today’s youth like 1936 GOP presidential nominee Alf Landon, another Kansan, was to me in my younger years: a retired politician who could be counted on for an entertaining and succinct line that illuminated some of the inner workings of politics.

Dole was more than that, though. He was a giant of the Senate for many years. During his time, the Senate had begun to wane in power, but it was still far more of a governing force than it is today. Having ceded so much to the Executive Branch over the past decades, today’s Congress acts more like a corporate policy board than a governing board. In Dole’s day, they did a lot more governing. The positions members of Congress took and the cases they made on the Sunday news shows were more important, and more interesting, because they had more impact..." from the article: Remembering Bob Dole: Giant of the Senate

Video from CNN

Bob Dole's moving salute to former President Bush

In 2018, Bob Dole arose from his wheelchair to salute the American flag-draped casket of George H.W. Bush moving past decades of political rivalry to offer a touching final tribute from one World War II veteran to another.

As an aide lifted him from his wheelchair, Dole slowly steadied himself before Bush’s casket in the Capitol Rotunda and saluted his one-time rival with his left hand, a fact of his life after he was hit by a shell fragment in Italy in 1945 and never regained use of his right hand.

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