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Invited To Amish Dinner: Discussing Their Culture & Life

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Video from Peter Santenello

"Quite often the Amish and Mennonite are misunderstood or a mystery to most of us outsiders. Join me in an enlightening conversation as we talk about relationships, the use of technology, what they fear, and how they see the rest of America. A truly eye-opening experience." from video introduction.

Mennonites were named after the German priest Menno Simons. The Amish formed out of the Mennonites later in the 16th century when Swiss priest Jacob Amman separated from them. He believed in strictness by shunning worldly things, his followers were called the Amish.

"You may have come across the term “Amish Mennonites” before. It popped up on the site here recently, in our post on the first Amish settlement in America. Both Jim Potter and Al in KY wondered, what does the term mean?

You might see it in some accounts referring to a modernizing group which emerged in the latter 1800s, in contrast to what became the conservative-leaning Old Order Amish...

from the website: Amish America

Old photo of Amish Couple
Amish Couple

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