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Is The Eternality of Hell Morally Just? - Unapologetic 105

Video from Christianity Still Makes Sense w/ Dr. Bobby Conway

"Is Hell Moral? Is Jesus a Socialist? These and other questions are on this episode of the Unapologetic show. Is The Eternality of Hell Morally Just? | Unapologetic 105" from video introduction

"Dr. Bobby Conway is the founder of the YouTube sensation The One Minute Apologist—a video ministry that provides credible answers to curious questions. He’s also the founding lead pastor of Life Fellowship Church near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Conway earned his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministry in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He’s also a PhD candidate in moral philosophy at the prestigious University of Birmingham in England. He’s authored both Hell, Rob Bell and What Happens When People Die and The Fifth Gospel.

Dr. Conway and his wife, Heather, speak nationally for Family Life’s Weekend to Remember marriage conferences, and together they have two children: Haley and Dawson." from the website:


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