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Jacob's Ladder: A Lesson on the Ups and Downs of Life

"In this week’s Torah Portion, Vayeitzei, Jacob dreamed of a ladder standing on the ground, its top reaching up toward heaven, as G-d’s angels were ascending and descending on it. Subscribe to the Meaningful Life Center YouTube Channel for more 🔔 A ladder by definition goes two days: up and down. If we risk going up, we may fall down, but if we never attempt that first step - we will never rise. Throughout the journey of each of our lives, especially as we embark on a new voyage, we will be shown a ladder and presented with a choice. Are we ready to undertake a new challenge with an opportunity to climb to higher places, or have life’s failures and disappointments broken us to the point of no return? After falling again and again, do we have the strength to try again – fearing yet another fall, or do we wave a white flag, deeming our efforts to climb not worth the pain?. The most vital lesson we can learn from Jacob's ladder is that no matter how difficult it may be, we must never be afraid to climb, even if it means the risk of falling. Climb and climb, and then… climb again. Join Rabbi Jacobson for The Bible Series: A fresh perspective on biblical events, laws and personalities. Personalize and bring to life the timeless and universal lessons of the Torah in a psychological, spiritual and emotional way." from video introduction.

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