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Korowai: The Gospel to a Papuan Tribe

"HeartCry Missionary Paul Snider shares a brief history of how the Gospel came to the Korowai people in Papua, Indonesia. He also shares what he is witnessing God doing currently in that region. HeartCry is a missionary society with one great and overriding passion: that God's Name be Great among the Nations (Malachi 1:11) and that the Lamb receive the full reward for His suffering (Revelation 7:9-10). Visit for more information, updates, and resources! Paul Washer is founder of the HeartCry Missionary Society. © Copyright 2021 HeartCry Missionary Society." from video introduction.

"A remote tribe who live in West Papua, Indonesia is known for practising cannibalism and witchcraft and are reportedly living as they did 10,000 years ago. The Korowai people were totally disconnected from the outside world until the 1970s. There had been no previous recorded contact between them and the western world, in fact, scientists also believed that the tribe may not have ever realised anyone else even existed other than themselves. According to international media reports, some anthropologists have also written that deaths among the tribe are attributed to 'khakhua' or demons that take the human form... from the article: Korowai: A Look Indonesia's Tribe Known For Practicing Cannibalism, Witchcraft

There are many people, many image bearers in this world that still do not know Christ! And God does not wish that any should perish. This video from Heart Cry Missionary Society gives us a glimpse of those whom our Lord seeks!

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