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Lost Treasures Of Jerusalem - The Story of Explorer Montagu Parker

Updated: Jun 10

Video from City of David

"How far would you go to find the lost treasures of the Holy Temple? Montagu Parker, a 20th-century treasure hunter, the real-life possible inspiration behind Indiana Jones, traveled far to find the holy lost treasures of the Temple. He had to bribe Ottoman guards to make his way into some of the most sensitive areas in Jerusalem, but then had to flee the scene. 💨 Parker’s fascination with the Temple and Jerusalem didn't end with him. The CIty of David is continuing his legacy by expanding archeological digs in areas that Parker had already discovered." from video introduction.

Parker and Vincent

1909 - 1911 "Montague Brownslow Parker (1878-1962) and Father Louis-Hugues Vincent (1872-1960) joined forces in an archaeological excavation between the years 1909-1911. Parker came in search of King Solomon’s treasures and Vincent, a researcher from Jerusalem’s French School of Biblical Archaeology, documented the excavation. They completed most of their work in the area surrounding the Gihon spring. There they used the excavation method of digging tunnels that connected up to the areas discovered by C. Warren. Vincent drew up exact diagrams and a detailed map of the excavation that are still used by researchers today. He also measured Hezekiah’s Tunnel and designed an accurate diagram of it. Parker eventually attempted to excavate the Temple Mount, however his efforts were soon detected and the team left the city abruptly. Later, Vincent published a detailed report of the excavation’s findings under the title Underground Jerusalem in French. An abridged version of this report has been translated into English and recently into Hebrew as well.' from the website: City of David


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