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Mad Cows, Angry Birds and Human Greed

Video from Professor Simon Holland - Deadly disease in UK? - Prof Simon

God has since "The Fall" allowed us to chose sin over fellowship with Him.

It has always been a fatal choice.

Even after the Atoning Death on the Cross of His Son Christ Jesus we can choose spiritual death over life.

The list of our sins and depravity is long and has trickled down trough creation. What we think and what we do has repercussions.

Just as we cause hate and division when we speak we cause death and destruction when we exploit God's good creation.

In the "West" we have assumed many things in the name of convenience and progress. One of those things is mass produced food to literally feed our quest for plenty and easy living. In doing so we have manipulated and crossed genetic barriers that in a world as God designed would not normally happen. Chickens crammed in cages to produce meat and eggs is but one example.

An angry bird
Angry Bird

Covid-19 has slapped us in the face but most of us remain woefully ignorant.

In this video Simon Holland gives us an overview of the Pandora's Box we have opened through mass market level Chicken/Cow etc. production and the practices of feeding the remains of dead infected animals to the animals you and I eat.

Our desire for more things, our lust for more food, more sex, more products has made our greed part of what it means to be American. But America is of this world and not God's Kingdom. Satan rules this world as permitted by God and in doing so tempts us at every turn to do things that harm us and kill us.

Christ asks us to repent daily and we must. Repentance is about changing our behavior, how we think. Will we turn a blind eye to how we have ravaged and exploited the creatures and world around us are will we continue on in blissful and foolish lust for more? A more that may kill us in the process!

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