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Maricopa Pudding on a Bed of Cole Slaw - Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

Most of us are aware of the "electoral burlesque" ongoing in our nation.

The almost circus like performances of our elected officials, the clowns have been named!

This is all a great source of argument and division amongst the population and many self-declared Christians/Evangelicals continue to bluster for God!!

With the "Cuckoo Salad" of social media we are further entertained and may even contribute to the conspiracies and far flung extrapolations as we feel is beneficial.

I have a lot of respect for Doug Wilson, he is an excellent Gospel centered pastor and theologian. But sometimes I disagree with his estimations and opinions.

The theatrics of the recent "Maricopa County Fraudit" is well documented as are the so called results that once again show Biden won.

But of course we all know that part of the reason Republicans and King Donald continue to stir the pot is to cast doubt and anything institutional and official.

So be it as politicians in every party have been crying wolf for the entire history of our nation. This is old news, what is new news is we have a population unable to think for themselves, highly gullible and foolish.

Being that we have Rudy Giuliani and other Trump minions admitting they not only parroted the false election claims but never vetted them, just peat and repeat.

Like Biden Trump in my opinion is just one more evil politician.

Our problem now is not Trump or Biden or the Chinese it is ALL OF US!

The bed of Cole Slaw under the pudding Doug Wilson refers to in the title is US.

Any bad taste we have in our mouths is from our sin and deluded minds.

Christ remains the answer, pray, confess, repent and focus on our Lord and not foolish and sinful men!!!!!!!!!!!!

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