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Thank You everyone for visiting my blog/website!

I have been blogging now for a year and a half and we continue to grow!

At the beginning I was looking for a way to disciple and witness for Christ, to spread the Gospel in the most wide and efficient way possible.

Yet I know that whatever I do in life is only effective with the help of my Lord and the Person of the Holy Spirit.

I have resisted any need to advertising and profits. This is about spreading the Gospel and encouraging each other and not profits.

Upon retirement I started this blog and it now sees over 1200 visits a month! Thank You again!

My desire is not to show how clever a writer I am but to present content that glorifies our Lord Christ Jesus and edifies us with the wealth of information about our faith that God has provided.

I have had several guest bloggers in the past year and would encourage anyone to submit their post. I would like to establish relationships with others as we disciple those around us and grow in God's grace.

I am doing a massive SEO update of the site (I actually know a little more now!) to make it more efficient. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

All I ask is that you please add my URL at the bottom of anything from this website that you publish

I am humbles and look forward to more growth to God's glory!!

Yours in Christ, Andy

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