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Scott Hatch-Van Til and the Foundation of Christian Ethics

Video from Reformed Forum

Scott Hatch-Van Til and the Foundation of Christian Ethics

"In this episode, we welcome Scott J. Hatch, author of Reformed Forum's latest publication, Van Til and the Foundation of Christian Ethics: A God-Centered Approach to Moral Philosophy, to consider the profound relationship between theology and ethics as articulated by Cornelius Van Til. In addition to providing an original treatment of the subject, Hatch has also edited a critical edition of Van Til's Christian-Theistic Ethics, which is included as a lengthy appendix in this volume. This has never before been available, and anyone interested in the thought of Cornelius Van Til should surely get a copy for their library. This insightful conversation illuminates Van Til's unique approach to Christian ethics, emphasizing a God-centered moral philosophy grounded in the doctrine of the self-contained ontological Trinity. Hatch explores Van Til's critique of moral relativism and how his theological framework offers a compelling solution to ethical dilemmas, contrasting with the perspectives of other ethicists and theologians. The episode promises to enrich an understanding of Christian ethics through the lens of Reformed theology, challenging believers to consider the foundational role of the Triune God in all moral considerations. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of how Cornelius Van Til's groundbreaking work continues to shape contemporary discussions on Christian ethics, offering a robust, God-centered approach that speaks to the challenges of modern moral relativism. 00:00:07 Introduction 00:04:12 Being Introduced to Cornelius Van Til's Theology and Apologetics 00:09:54 Versions of Van Til's Ethics 00:21:24 The Uniqueness of Van Til's Ethical Approach 00:28:42 Ethics and the Doctrine of God 00:36:44 Alasdair MacIntryre and Critiques of Moral Relativism 00:45:11 Critiques and Misunderstandings of Van Til's Ethics 00:53:29 Van Til's Value for Future Generations 00:59:13 For Further Study 01:03:54 Conclusion This is Christ the Center episode 852 (' from the video introduction

Cornelius Van Til Biographical sketch

"Born on May 3, 1895, in Grootegast, The Netherlands he was the sixth son of Ite and Klazina Van Til, who emigrated to the United States when "Kees," as he was known to friends, was 10. He grew up helping on the family farm in Highland, Indiana.

Van Til graduated from Calvin College in 1922, receiving a ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1925 and his PhD from Princeton University in 1927. He began teaching at Princeton, but shortly went with the conservative group who founded Westminster Theological Seminary, where he taught for forty-three years of his life as a professor of apologetics.

He was also a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church from the 1930s until his death in 1987, and in that denomination, he was embroiled in a bitter dispute with Gordon Clark over God's incomprehensibility known as the Clark-Van Til Controversy in which, according to John Frame, neither man was at his best and neither quite understood the other's position..." from the article: Cornelius Van Til

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