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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? and Can We Disciple in It?

Video from Southern Seminary

"Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?" Dr. Mark Coppenger answers in Honest Answers | Episode 43" from video introduction.

The origins of Halloween is no doubt in the realm of non-Christian spiritualism and as such, Christians should be very careful in their approach to Halloween. It has very much been secularized and in fact most people celebrating Halloween have no idea what it represents. But as a Christian we know that nothing in our world or culture is benign.

Christians in general have no idea what to do with this holiday of seemingly pagan origins. Is it unredeemable and do we compromise our faith? Is it something Christians can participate in as a cultural celebration with no penalty? Or is there the opportunity for Christians to disciple our own faith within the holiday?

To be sure Halloween is a commercial holiday in America and has been separated from its pagan roots. Its about candy and costumes and parties.

If we reject Halloween outright we are being hypocritical as many of our cultural holidays have pagan roots. There’s a big difference between kids dressing up in costumes for candy and Adult themed Halloween parties with vulgar and offensive costumes, and uninhibited excess. Also those who practice demonic rituals etc. clearly are not in the same social engagement paradigm as the children collecting candy.

As Christians we must be sober minded about such things as this. Below is a short video from Pastor Mike Winger on discipling during Halloween.

Video from Mike Winger

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