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"Unveiling the Link Between Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Phenomena: Insights from Leading UAP/Phenomenon Researchers"

Updated: Feb 16

Archives Of The UFO Phenomenon With Jacques Vallée

"Unveiling the Link Between Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Phenomena

Two Top UAP/Phenomenon Scientists/Researchers

"Jacques Vallée, PhD, the founder of Documatica Research, LLC, in San Francisco, California, talks at Rice University on "The Four Garments of Aletheia: Reality Management and the Challenge of Truth," Vallée an information scientist with a background in astrophysics and AI, his early interest in the UFO phenomenon and psychical research led to a series of books and technical papers in many languages. Most recently, he developed the largest extant UAP “data warehouse” for a classified project. Archives Of The UFO phenomenon With Jacques Vallée" from video introduction

Disclosure of some aspect of "The Phenomenon" is imminent.

How those holding the craft, materials and perhaps even bodies portray this is unknown. Since they have spent the past 80 or more years covering up what they know it may just be another Pysop!

And lets be realistic we may never know or understand much of this.

There are now more serious researchers into this broad study than ever before. Jacques Vallee was one of the original serious researchers along with several others like Stanton Friedman, John Keel, Iva T. Sanderson to name just a few.

In the coming months I will be posting articles about these researchers and their findings and their thoughts. Why? With so much information, outright hoaxes and frauds (a lot of it is on You Tube) about this subject we must seek out those who remain interested in the truth whatever it may be or whatever we ultimately discover if anything.

God's creation includes more that we can see than we can see.

2 Corinthians 4:18 - while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

All people we encounter are eternal souls and God has informed us of other creatures created by him such as Angels etc. What has he nor revealed to us? No doubt there are many other entities in God's creation. Lets keep an open mind as we see what God reveals. - Andy

Jacques F. Vallée is a principal at Documatica Financial and a diversified investor with a passion for technology startups in space development, medical equipment and information management. He earned a Bachelors Degree in mathematics from the Sorbonne, a Masters Degree in astrophysics from Lille University and a PhD in Computer Science /AI from Northwestern University (1967).

Based in Silicon Valley, Jacques has served as a founder and general partner in five venture funds, including NASA’s “Red Planet Capital”. Among the companies for which he spearheaded early-stage financings, fourteen achieved IPOs, notably Electronics for Imaging, Accuray Systems (developers of the “Cyberknife” for cancer surgery), NeoPhotonics (Nanotechnology for optical networks), Mercury Interactive, P-Com, Isocor, Regeneration Technologies, Harmonic Lightwaves, Ixys, Integrated Packaging, E.Piphany, Sangstat Medical, Com21 and Synaptic Pharmaceuticals, specialized in neurotransmitter biology. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of many of these firms.

Other companies financed by Jacques (in particular, HandyLab that produced an instrument recognized as “transformative for oncology”) were successfully acquired by Becton-Dickinson, Intel, Lucent, AOL, Cisco, Wilson Greatbatch and Intuitive Surgical.

In his early career Jacques worked at Paris Observatory and at the astronomy department of the University of Texas in Austin, where he co-developed the first computer-based map of planet Mars. Moving to California after management positions with Shell and RCA, he implemented (with Jake Feinler) the first Network Information Center on the Arpanet and later served as a principal investigator for DARPA and NSF. Jacques has published several textbooks about computer networking and has maintained a long-term interest in unidentified flying objects, currently (2020) serving on the expert committee of the French CNES tasked with studying such reports. He received the Jules Verne Prize for his first science-fiction novel (in French). He resides between San Francisco and Paris. He has two children and three grandchildren.

Mail may be addressed to Jacques Vallée P.O. Box 641650 San Francisco, CA 94164.." from the website: Jacques Vallee

Garry Nolan "Testing Materials Recovered From UFO Crashes"

Video from Marwa ElDiwiny

Gary Nolan gives much insight and practical knowledge about "The Phenomenon" which includes UAPs and the materials that many claim they have that came from UFOs. If the evidence supposedly be withheld by the military and private corporations is true then so called meta materials may prove to be of non-human origin.

Dr. Gary Nolan Biography:

Dr. Nolan is the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He trained with Leonard Herzenberg (for his Ph.D.) and Nobelist Dr. David Baltimore (for postdoctoral work for the first cloning/characterization of NF-κB p65/ RelA and the development of rapid retroviral production systems). He has published over 300 research articles and is the holder of 40 US patents, and has been honored as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford University.

Dr. Nolan is the first recipient of the Teal Innovator Award (2012) from the Department of Defense (a $3.3 million grant for advanced studies in ovarian cancer), the first recipient of an FDA BAAA, for “Bio-agent protection” grant, $3million, from the FDA for a “Cross-Species Immune System Reference”, and received the award for “Outstanding Research Achievement in 2011” from the Nature Publishing Group for his development of CyTOF applications in the immune system. Dr. Nolan has new efforts in the study of Ebola, having developed instrument platforms to deploy in the field in Africa to study Ebola samples safely with the need to transport them to overseas labs (funded by a new $3.5 million grant from the FDA) and another grant to study the effects of Zika and Ebola viruses on humans (also from the FDA).

Dr. Nolan is an outspoken proponent of translating public investment in basic research to serve the public welfare. Dr. Nolan was the founder of Rigel Inc. (NASDAQ: RIGL), and Nodality, Inc. (a diagnostics development company), BINA (a genomics computational infrastructure company sold to Roche Diagnostics), Founder of Apprise (sold to Roche Sequencing Solutions), co-Founder of Ionpath, co-Founder of Akoya, and serves on the Boards of Directors of several companies as well as consults for other biotechnology companies. DVS Sciences, on which he was Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, recently sold to Fluidigm for $207 million dollars (2014) on an investment of $14 million. Dr. Nolan is a member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at Stanford.." from the article: Gary Nolan Bio

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